Painting and PSU swap

I have been using my DIY case for a long time now, and in the past months I have made a few changes.
I’ve painted it all black on the outside and swaped my old PSU.
The problem with my old psu was that 4pin extension that I got. IT was really cheap and porly made so it literally melted…

I could buy another extension, one that would cost more and would be a lot better, but my old psu was not even 80 plus white so I just went and bought a new psu with 500w and all black cables from PCYES  ( PCYES SHOCKER 500W) and it is holding up pretty well. My main workload is illustration, witch is farily light, but also 3d rendering on the cpu that is pretty heavy on the power supply and cooling.
I’ve made a short timelapse video on the psu swap below.





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The begining of a new era


This is project sophia, and I’m glad to finally have it cut. Its not perfect, but its mine. and its free.

I started this project after my old laptop started dying. I used it to work so i need a new one. I had no money to buy a good laptop but i had for a decent desktop computer, so  I bought processor, motherboard, ram and A SSD, gather some used part my pals had lying around and build my own desktop.

But the case was really old and ugly.  yeah that red one that looks like a car

I would buy another one but all the cases I liked where really expansive here where I live, and I’m a broke univesity student with internet and I quickly got to know casemod and forum where a lot of people make their own cases. and then this project begun.


I’m Caique Guerra, a product design student at UNESP in Brazil. This is a project I made for myself and people like me, who wants more personality in pc cases, enjoy DIY and open source projects and maybe dont have money for fancy parts and a good looking case.

I’ll add here a link to this version of Project Sophia so anyone can cut it at a local fablab or laser cut.

Specs of Project Sophia 1.0

  • Micro-Atx form factor
  • 5 expansion ports
  • 2 3.5 HDD, or 5 2.5 HDD or  SSD
  • 1 ssd on the back side of the motherboard support (opitional)
  • 2 ssd spots on the psu shroud
  • dual chamber design
  • suport for 3 120mm (two on the front, 1 on the back) or
  • support for 2x 140mm and 1x  120mm.
  • radiator support (needs testing)
  • uses only 3mm mdf or acriclics.
  • opitional window
  • its open source so you can make it fit your needs 🙂


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